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ACORN Exposed: Take Five

ACORN Exposed: Take Five
Will Congress finally launch a full investigation into ACORN and will all federal funds for this community organization be “terminated”?

News in Politics — by Christine Lakatos — on Sep 17, 2009

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ACORN has received over $53 million of federal funds since 1994 and stands to get $8.4 billion more tax dollars in the near future and this past week we have been enlightened to certain ways that our taxpayer dollars are at work.

The “ACORN Exposed” videos came from James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles who went undercover to expose the dirty deeds of ACORN this past summer. When the first two videos hit the airwaves last week, Blogcritics was on top of the story, “In both cases, O’Keefe and Giles “presented himself as a pimp and his associate Hannah Giles as a prostitute looking for assistance in qualifying to get a federal low income loan so that they could purchase a house to use as a brothel to which they would be bringing underage Salvadoran girls smuggled into the country illegally to work as prostitutes.”

These two "undercover videos" came out of the Baltimore and D.C. offices of ACORN and a third video hit the news focusing on the ACORN office in New York, which for the most part exposed what the first two had, “employees eager to assist him in committing and covering up multiple crimes, including tax fraud, prostitution, human trafficking and defrauding the federal government.”

ACORN has been under investigation for voter fraud in several states and the fallout over these videos has been interesting, to say the least, with ACORN responding in a variety of ways, whereas the Baltimore City Attorney’s office has threatened to press charges against the two filmmakers, O’Keefe and Giles. After the third video was released, the Senate passed (with a 83-7 vote) an amendment to “strip” ACORN of federal funding for housing and a statement by Senator Shelby followed, "While this vote is important, it is limited in scope and we must know more. It is imperative that we proceed immediately to investigate what appears to be ACORN’s stunning disregard for the law and abuse of taxpayer funds. Such an investigation would serve as the basis for determining not only whether ACORN is worthy of receiving other federal funds this year, but ever again.”

While ACORN has announced that it will launch its own internal investigation, the White House has called the ACORN employees’ “behavior unacceptable”, but have yet to launch their own investigation.

The show continues as two more videos were unleashed, this time from the West Coast, California offices, San Bernardino and San Diego. San Bernardino ACORN employee not only gave advice on how to run a brothel and was proud to utter that Heidi Fleiss (the Hollywood Madam) is her role model, she claimed that “she shot her husband." After her starring role in this ACORN undercover video was made public, she downplayed her story by saying she was merely attempting to “shock them as they were shocking me”.

Late last night, video five was released to Sean Hannity of Fox News revealing the deeds of the San Diego office. In this video the ACORN employee shares that the “best place to smuggle under age girls into the United States is from Tijuana because he has connections there”.

Yesterday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger weighed in on this ongoing controversy and sent a letter to California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown, Jr. urging an investigation into ACORN’s activities in California, stating, “I have seen a series of news stories regarding the ACORN organization that have concerned me greatly”.

Breaking news today ––20 states are calling for a full investigation of ACORN, the House is debating cutting funds for this organization, and the FBI is consulting with Department of Justice, yet the details have
yet to be released. Will O’Keefe and Giles (, “be back” with more videos? Will Congress continue to be a “girly-man” in their handling of ACORN? Will Schwarzenegger’s “muscle” matter? Will the demands of Senator Shelby and others be heard, with a complete investigation materializing? If they do examine the entire ACORN community organization, what will they expose? Will all federal funds for ACORN be “terminated”? Stay tuned!

UPDATE: the House just passed the "ACORN defunding bill" (345 to 75). We will see what happens in the Senate and then to the Pres.

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