Sunday, September 6, 2009

American Idol: Season 8: Critique by a Fan!

American Idol: Season 8 Finale: Chaotic and Flat!
I was impressed with the finale of American Idol, Season 7, so why did Season 8’s finale leave me indifferent and with so many questions?
Opinion in Video — by Christine Lakatos — on May 22, 2009

Were you one of the 28.24 million who watched the American Idol (Season 8) Finale? And were you one of the (just under) 100 million who voted for either Adam or Kris? Well, I was one of those millions, however, I was very disappointed!

Last year was the first time I ever watched American Idol (season 7) and it was great even though my guy, David Archuleta, didn't win!

So now here we are at the finale of Season 8 (Wednesday, May 20, 2009), with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen! After the results were in (see here on You Tube), I decided to do a review of American Idol: Season 8 Finale -- found only on Blog Critics.
What started out as bonding time with my 12-year-old daughter (who can sing) slowly progressed to a show that I looked forward to watching two times a week – I became a fan of American Idol, well until the finale?

First I must disclose that I’ve never been a fan of “reality shows” (not since being a contestant on one of the first, American Gladiators). I couldn't tell you anything about Survivor, The Apprentice, or The Biggest Loser, other than their titles. However, last year, I watched my first American Idol (Season 7) where the finale included David Cook and David Archuleta (my favorite), and enjoyed it very much.
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At any rate, it is all subjective! And both Adam and Kris (in fact the entire top-5 will be successful). Congrats!

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