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President Obama’s Czar Power

President Obama’s Czar Power
Our beloved community organizer is taking our country toward socialism and he is enlisting pit bulls to assist!
Opinion in Politics — by Christine Lakatos — on Jul 23, 2009


Is anyone alarmed by the number of czars appointed by President Obama — over 30 czars (and counting) in just six months in office? In fact, you can find a "tweet" on John McCain’s Twitter page that says, “Obama has more czars than the Romanovs - who ruled Russia for three centuries.”

Apparently, in the United States, the title “czar” is an informal term for a certain high-level official who directs and oversees federal operations on a given topic. Czars have been around for a while and President Nixon was the first to appoint an energy czar during the 1970 energy crises. Other Presidents have appointed their share of czars: President Reagan (1), President George H. W. Bush (1), President Clinton (3), and President George W. Bush (4). So why is President Obama adding so many so fast? Are these good intentions to handle issues of the day or just another layer of government that is accountable to no one but the White House?

Czars are appointed at the discretion of the president (even though there is no provision for it in the constitution), they are not vetted, and there is no background check. The “chosen” not only hold unelected positions, but they rule with absolute authority and no accountability. Their job descriptions are nebulous, yet their salary is a mystery, and they all require a staff. As reported by Neil Cavuto of Fox News, the czars “oversee more than $1.7 trillion of taxpayers’ money and they don’t have to justify how much money they’re spending and even how they are spending it.” There is no transparency, no congressional oversight, and they only answer to the president.

My sister had a dog named Czar that I adored. Czar was a pit bull, a terrific, striking, smart dog that was very loyal to my sister. If you study the nature of the American pit bull terrier, they are good-natured, amusing, extremely loyal and affectionate, and if raised correct they make a great family pet. However, this particular breed of dogs have a strong temperament, are very muscular, and powerful, and some are bred to fight, which is an utter disgrace.
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