Wednesday, November 4, 2009

GOP Responds to Pelosi Health Care Bill

Hey Democrats: the Republican Party does have solutions to health care reform; are you listening?
Satire in Politics — by Christine Lakatos — on Nov 03, 2009

I’m sick and tired of Democrats and liberal pundits claiming that the Republican Party is not interested in fixing our health care system and has no answers or alternatives on this issue. My head is going to explode if I hear that wacko Congressman, Alan Grayson, and his rantings, declaring that Republicans want sick Americans to “die quickly”. Many on the left have labeled us (yes, I am a registered Republican) the party of NO, well maybe that is because we are a party of “no thanks” to government takeovers, higher taxes, intrusion on liberties, and socialism. The Republicans have continually tried to make their case for health care reform, yet they have been shut out of the debate –– at times, literally. And for those of you who don’t believe that the Republican Party has solutions for repairing our health care system, you don’t even have to watch Fox News to find out that you are wrong.

Over the weekend, House Republican Leader John Boehner appeared on CNN’s State of the Union. In his interview with John King, Boehner noted that the Republican’s strategy for health care reform is a "common sense approach to make the current system work better." He also highlighted some of their specific ideas for health care reform and how these proposals can be found at, which have been there since June. “What I am hopeful for is to take these eight or nine ideas and put together in a bill, that’s being scored right now by the Congressional Budget Office, and present it on the House floor during this debate” said Boehner. “And I’m hopeful that Speaker Pelosi will allow us to offer an alternative.”

In the same interview with King, Boehner gave a quick rebuttal to the massive bill unveiled by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats last Thursday, "1,990 pages, that ought to tell you all that you need to know”. “That we're gonna have 1,990 pages of legislation”. Boehner also pointed out that, the word “shall” exists in the bill 3,425 times, illustrating its effect; “shall, that means you must do!”

And if CNN is not your place for news, you can always get your facts straight by going to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. On Friday, Palin made a special announcement, “TUNE IN TOMORROW TO HEAR A HEALTH CARE REFORM PLAN THAT WILL PROVE TO BE THE GAME CHANGER”, referring to the GOP's weekly address, where Boehner was scheduled to give the GOP’s plan for health care reform, “Common-Sense Health Care Reform Our Nation Can Afford”.

The address was given, Saturday, October 31, 2009, GOP Solutions for America, of which Boehner laid out the GOP's plan and addressed Pelosi’s proposal, warning that “this 1,990 pages of bureaucracy will centralize health care decision making in Washington, DC. It’ll require thousands of new federal employees. It’ll put unelected boards, bureaus, and commissions in charge of who gets access to what drug and what potentially life-saving treatment.” “And it won’t come cheap…”

Just in case those “nay sayers” and Republican bashers haven’t heard the news that the Republican Party does care about the health of Americans, wants health care reform, and does have solutions to this complex issue facing our nation, I have posted the proof here in my article. Democrats, if you keep uttering they don't, I'll have to use Joe Wilson's two famous words, "you lie" –– or maybe you’re just not listening!

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