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Satire: MSNBC Hosts “To Catch a Racist”

Dateline MSNBC series, with host Chris Hansen, “To Catch A Predator,” is known for its undercover sting operation to catch those sick individuals that prey on our youth via the internet. But did you know that MSNBC is now engaged in a scheme to protect our president? Yes, they are on "racism patrol," staking out protests and criticism so that they can catch themselves some racists!

"To Catch a Racist" hosts include Keith Olbermann (brainchild of “Worst Persons”) and his sidekick, Janeane Garofalo (brainless), as well as Dylan Ratigan, Chris Matthews, and others. The latest is Nora O'Donnell, who attempted a "got a racists" outside shot.

The left-wing media is relentless with their talking "race baiting" heads and not only are they trying to capture any "sign" of racism, they are targeting African-American citizens to make sure they are safe.

Kelly O'Donnell, an NBC reporter, confronted Darryl Postell at the April 15, 2010 Tax Day Tea Party rally in Washington D.C. O’Donnell's question, “There aren’t a lot of African-American men at these events, have you ever felt uncomfortable?” Postell responded, “No, no, these are my people…Americans.”

It turns out Postell is a retired Air Force veteran and appeared on Fox News to talk about this incident. Gretchen Carlson asked why he attended the rally and Postell answered, "I care about the country and I know the direction that most tea partiers are moving in and they care about liberty and government intrusion, so I just wanted to go and be a part if it."

Lloyd Marcus, a black conservative and Tea Party rock star, is on the left-wing media's radar and on his website journals some of his interviews — more like interrogations, with the hopes that Marcus will ID the racists.

At the April 15th Tax Day Tea Party, Marcus was ambushed by a reporter for Ebony (a prominent national black magazine), who according to Marcus, asked him "the same two questions every other reporter has asked;" 'Are the tea parties racist?' 'Why are blacks not attending?' Marcus explained to the reporter, "the Tea Party movement is not about race, but about stopping an out-of-control administration from pushing our country towards socialism." Frustratingly, the Ebony magazine reporter replied, 'So why do you hate Barack Obama?' The reporter asked again, 'Are these rallies racist?' Marcus notes that it was if the reporter never heard a word he said.

Another account occurred right after Marcus performed at the Tea Party in Traverse City, Michigan (part of the Tea Party Express tour) when a "white snooty female reporter" asked him a "series of annoying questions straight out of the liberal playbook." Marcus goes on to describe what got his “blood boiling”; when she asked him the following question with what he described as “the trademark liberal condescending edge,” 'Mr. Marcus, don't you think by calling yourself an unhyphenated American, you are encouraging white people to feel comfortable with their racism?' While Marcus wanted to respond negatively, he chose the higher ground and ended the interview abruptly, "With all due respect, I strongly disagree."

Where were the left-wing "racist police" when Kenneth Gladney, a black conservative, was physically assaulted and racially insulted by SEIU thugs (oh, I mean members) outside a 2009 town-hall meeting in St. Louis, Missouri –– just for handing out "Don't Tread on Me" flags? Maybe they were on a coffee break having "cupcakes" with Olbermann.

In March, another MSNBC "To Catch a Racist" host, David Shuster, interviewed (more of a duel) Kevin Jackson, author, blogger, black conservative, and a well-known speaker at the tea parties. Shuster was armed with his bag of race-baiting talking points and brought up what he considered "the violent imagery and rhetoric," specifically in reference to the ObamaCare, March 20th protest on the steps of Capitol Hill. Jackson responded, “I’ve been to hundreds of tea parties around the country. What I can tell you is that I’ve never seen any blacks lynched at one of them. That’s still one of those things that only Democrats can hold a distinction about.”

Shuster later asked if Jackson was okay with how President Obama had been depicted in signs at Tea Party rallies, the Hitler mustache and the Joker. Jackson responded, "It's par for the course. Every president that's been elected has gone through something like that." Jackson also reminded Shuster that Bush had been demonized as a gorilla, a chimpanzee, a cowboy, cowpoke, and a host of other things. In fact, "[Bush] was depicted as Hitler many, many times and more than Obama."

Jackson is dead on, Bush was called every ghastly name in the "hate" book; evil, the Antichrist, Hitler, terrorist, fascists (to name a few), and they just didn't want to kill him, they wanted to impeach, imprison, smite, shoot, hang, bomb his house, chop his head off, and burn him. Although it is unclear in what order they wanted to do all of this. But that was back in the day when it was "patriotic to speak out against our government" –– when Bush was president.
[Three "hate Bush" photos; pick a year –– 2001 to 2008 –– you will find tons; and for your attire pleasure; “Kill Bush” t-shirt]

[Photo right; March 20, 2010 Protest against ObamaCare]

I guess we “concerned citizens” should remain silent and allow this administration to do whatever it wants. After all, Obama and his cronies (including Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid) know what's best. Let’s just light a campfire, burn our Constitution, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya as they chip away at our liberties and bankrupt our country. Any criticism over a federal government that has grown too large, too expensive, too intrusive, and in many aspects too corrupt is, in the shallow words of Garafolo, “racism straight up.” And, well, Olbermann (talk about an angry white man) is just pissed off because he didn't get enough "free hate Bush cupcakes."

I hope the gang at MSNBC catches all those damn racists! Maybe we can arrest them, make them register as “racist offenders,” and start a “racist registry.” With a quick Google search we can find the little red dots (racists) within a 10-mile radius, pulling up their “rap sheet.” Angry dudes lounging on the grass with the, "No ObamaCare” sign. Hateful teenager holding sign that said, “I’m 14, Stop Spending my Retirement.” Radical grandma for her sign that says, "Stop the Insanity, the borrowing, spending and taxing.” All guilty, lock the em’ up! The most violent citizen, "You can’t fix STUPID, but you can vote it out!" and the dangerous woman with the words, "NO socialism." Make sure the racist dog, Scruffy, with his plate that says, "I didn't read the stimulus bill either," is arrested too –– he or she looks like a real threat to our government!
[Photo left, Dog at Tax Day Tea Party, April 15, 2009 in California]

Personally I have witnessed "racism straight up" from my two stepfathers and other people I've known over the years, who called me an "N-lover," and it sent chills down my spine and got my blood boiling. Back then I didn't sit back idly –– they were confronted harshly regardless my age. While I am not a member of any tea party –– not the joiner type –– I refuse to sit back and watch this crap coming from the left-wing media, labeling ALL critics of Obama and his administration as racists; causing more division. In doing so, I won't sit back and condone the very offensive and obvious racially charged signs as well as any of the shameful and lame ones displayed at some of the Tea Party rallies and elsewhere. As I watch the reported behavior and disgraceful comments coming from the fringe nut-jobs –– which attach themselves to all movements –– I am equally appalled.

Come on people, let’s honor our First Amendment –– speech, press, and peaceable assembly –– by protesting with dignity and don’t give the left-wing media or anyone else a reason to demonize legitimate criticism of our government, its policies and direction. For God sakes, leave your racial remarks, guns, Hitler signs, hate, and violence at home.

Let me be clear, by no means does this imply that the Tea Party movement is about race and ALL, or even the majority of protestors are racists. And as the debate over Immigration reform heats up; we can expect more racists charges to emerge, with MSNBC at the helm. On the other hand, I won't bury my head in the sand and claim that racism is dead. Despite the fact that 2008 was a historical moment for our country, electing our first African-American president, Obama, who won by a large margin, racism still exists in America and it's ugly. However, you don't have to be white or part of the Tea Party or any "party" to be a racist — it comes in all colors and exists on both sides of the political isle. Racism is an issue that deserves much better –– an intelligent discussion, not reckless accusations, assumptions, and the manipulation of the facts.

When Nathanial Stuart,, covered the April 15, 2010 Tax Day Tea Party rally in Washington D.C., he decided to do a few interviews of his own. He wanted to know what attendees thought about the left-wing media's (Huffington Post, New York Times, and MSNBC) charge that the tea party goers as racists and hateful. One woman in particular (didn’t get her name, but I like her), was asked about her feelings on MSNBC's reporting that black conservatives have been called Oreos, traitors, and Uncle Tom by other blacks. Her response, “If we’re talking about Olbermann — Keith Olbermann is not a black person. I am not an Oreo. I am a very aggressive, assertive, professional black woman….”

Earlier in Stuarts interaction with this woman, she had this to say, “…Black Americans have been following Democrats off a cliff for the last 40 years...So, I’m out here with my family of tea party people — Democrats, Republicans, Independents...It's not that we hate the president, its not that we hate the Democrats; but we love our country, we love our children." We’re allowed to have a voice. Just like they’re allowed to have a voice.” Amen sister!

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Satire: MSNBC Series, “To Catch a Racist”
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