Friday, April 9, 2010

Satire: Where's My Free ObamaCare?

From free Obama money to free health care: are we all entitled to free schools, Humpback Whales, and Unicorns too?

Apparently, some Americans have lost their minds and are asking, “Where’s my free ObamaCare?” After I stopped myself from rolling on the ground laughing, I had to see this for myself.

Americans (along with the majority of Congress for that matter) are still trying to figure out the massive health care overhaul that President Obama signed into law a few weeks ago. Evidently, questions have flooded insurance companies, doctors' offices, human resources departments and business groups. (expert advice hotline) has received hundreds of thousands of calls from consumers and according to Carrie McLean, a consumer specialist for the company, “most of the help-seekers are asking questions about when the bill takes effect and what changes they're going to see, but many are under the impression that they're going to get coverage for free.” In the midst of this confusion, crops up a comical line of questioning, “Where do we get the free ObamaCare and how do I sign up for that?” Hmmm...are they expecting free Obama cookies and Kool Aid with that too?

This recent "government give-me disorder" coincides with last year's stimulus insanity, when people lined up to get of all things; “free Obama money." Where was this Obama cash coming from? "His [personal] stash, I don't know!"

Did the Obama election foster in a new "caretaker" –– our government –– unleashing a smorgasbord of entitlements, relieving us from our "worries of putting gas in our car or paying our mortgage?” If so, forget about the gas and mortgage, where is my "free Obama" Porsche and beachfront mansion? And while we are at it, I want a "free Obama credit card" –– unlimited, like the one Congress is using right now!

It appears that America is morphing into Dane Cook's version of the Oprah Winfrey Show, where we all get a free "school and a HUMPBACK WHALE!" As perplexed citizens rise up to wait in line for more "free Obama stuff," we can anticipate that Americans will soon demand, “Where’s my free Obama Unicorn?”

Politics on Blogcritics: Satire: Where's My Free ObamaCare?
Author: Christine Lakatos — Published: Apr 09, 2010 at 5:39 pm
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