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Interview With Lee Troxler, Co-Author of "Killing Wealth, Freeing Wealth"

Newest book offers a scary warning: Take your money away from Obama before Obama takes it away from you!

Floyd Brown and Lee Troxler both began their careers working in the Reagan administration and before the 2008 election teamed up to pen the bestselling book, Obama Unmasked: Did Slick Hollywood Handlers Create the Perfect Candidate? In that book they predicted the stock market crash to within one month and 100 points on the Dow. Now they return with new forecasts about another looming market disaster and strategies for protecting your wealth in Killing Wealth, Freeing Wealth: How to Save America's Economy and Your Own, which was released recently and is quickly cranking up the bestseller charts.

There is a backstory to this interview. Early in the writing process, Troxler asked me to dig into the research on global warming, for he had a suspicion that many of the same folks who had been peddling “global cooling” back in the 1970s had returned with a new scam to make themselves money at the expense of the gullible, liberal "believe anything" crowd. I did in fact uncover a fascinating—at times frightening—connection between Silicon Valley and senior Democratic party leaders. The authors included my findings in their book and as we unearth new information already in the works, we will be sharing it.

If you told me that after a year of blogging about politics I would be part of an unnerving, timely analysis of the U.S. economy and instrumental in exposing the special interest groups, unions, "fat cats," and others who are raping entrepreneurs and small business of their prosperity—what Brown and Troxler call “Killionaires”—my response would have been, “You’re out of your mind.” But now I’ve learned through this book, Killing Wealth, Freeing Wealth, that these Killionaires have had our government in their back pockets for several presidencies in a “revisionist conspiracy to undermine capitalism and grab for wealth.” Brown and Troxler also reveal the next financial bubble—predicted to be the biggest ever—and the potential criminal elements behind cap-and-trade, which is back on top of the Obama agenda.

Considering my participation in this book, I won't be able to review it, but I convinced Troxler to give me an interview. However, I will say that it is a fast-paced and gripping whodunit that is guaranteed to get your blood boiling and rock the political world! The book is available at Amazon, major bookstores, and soon at the official website.

In your last book Obama Unmasked, you predicted the financial collapse of 2008 to within one month and 100 points on the Dow. What do you see coming in this new book, Killing Wealth, Freeing Wealth?

Just recently these insiders collapsed the stock market again, as we forecast on page 127. We wrote: “In throwing trillions at the economy, there has to be at least a few billion in financial gains. And there will be. From the Fed we’ll hear cautious talk of ‘recovery’… Americans will fast and furiously shovel what remains of their wealth back into U.S. equities. Right about then, a merry band of international bankers who have been lying in wait will step out of the shadows and crash… And Mr. Obama’s economic recovery will go into the record books as a goose egg, a ‘Big O.’”

When the Dow collapsed 1000 points, all the ‘people who know’ rushed out to blame a computer glitch—knowing the public would buy it. But just as we didn’t learn the truth behind the 2008 collapse until a year later, we won’t this time. All we know are the broad outlines of what actually happened: a merry band of international bankers took the money Obama gave them for free, created a sucker’s rally in the markets, then hopped out with hundreds of billions more fleeced from gullible investors.

You have given a name to these wealth killers—you’ve called them “Killionaires.” Who are these Killionaires?

It may surprise many people to find that the majority of Killionaires have liberal and socialist beliefs, as hypocritical as that is. They agree with the revisionist view of America, and feel no guilt in asset-stripping the nation. They know that the easiest way to steal billions is to get a Senator, or a President, in their back pocket. So they are most fond of the activist presidencies of liberals like Obama and Bush (yes, Bush).

King of the Killionaires is George Soros. After crashing the English economy in 1992, he set his sights on a bigger prize—the U.S. economy. But if he was going to make a killing here, the bilious old windbag knew, he’d have to circumvent a lot of financial controls. Step one for Mr. Soros was to make friends in Washington and smear his ill-gotten gains all over the Democratic party—for they shared his vaguely anti-American, socialist beliefs and were, historically, more easily compromised.

In interviews, some Killionaire wannabes have admitted to being inspired by the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde movie with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway—cool cats taking on the power structure. They were gorgeous, wildly liberal in real life, and they robbed banks. So why not in real life, these soulless sociopath socialists reasoned? Why not take advantage of emerging technologies to steal? First task? Tear down the real economy — which can be hard to control — and replace it with an artificial economy buttressed by fancy mathematical models all designed to create the pretense of value with salesmen paid obscene sums to convince everyone that they’d invented a perpetual prosperity machine.

People think Obama is cleaning up Wall Street, but you insist it’s all pretend. Is Obama in Wall Street’s pocket?

We’re seeing a lot of Kabuki theater in Washington and Wall Street—a big show to convince voters that action is being taken. And sure, a few high-profile heads will roll. But none of the real problems are being addressed. The big investment houses from Goldman on down are still allowed to cheat the system and front-run ordinary investors to profits.

Obama is no different than his predecessor—both beholden to Wall Street. Between them they’ve already transferred $2 trillion from taxpayers into the pockets of Killionaires.

The newest scheme is to loot Ginnie Mae the very same way they looted Fannie Mae, and let taxpayers again clean up the mess. It’s going on now. On Obama’s orders! Why? Obama wants the government to keep picking up the mortgage bills for people who can’t afford their homes—since most of them vote Democrat. And Obama needs the Killionaires to get himself reelected. Obama and his Killionaire pals spent a record $2 billion getting elected, and they will need to again. You think that kind of money comes from Main Street? Hah! Only from Wall Street.

Obama will huff and puff but the blow is just for show. No Killionaire will be inconvenienced.

You speak of an America divided, but not in the usual red state vs. blue state sense. You write of Traditionalists vs. Revisionists. What do you mean?

The “red-blue” view of America is not only simplistic—it’s dangerous. It tosses us into sports metaphor surreality and we lose clarity on what’s real. What’s real are values—specifically the values we need for a successful American tomorrow.

One set of values—we call them Traditionalist—hold that America is the best thing this world has ever known; it is to be honored and exalted even, for it has no equal in providing freedom and opportunity for all.

The other set of values—we call them Revisionist—were shaped by a single anomaly in our long history: Vietnam. Any mistakes we made in that war have become the fractured prism through which all Revisionist judgments are now made. The unquestioning acceptance of American goodness is viewed as sappy, na├»ve, and knuckle-dragging.

So today we have two scripts. Traditionalists celebrate the essential goodness of American institutions; Revisionists consider them corrupt and valueless. Traditionalists see America learning from her mistakes and constantly improving; Revisionists are rewriting history books to focus with vengeance on a litany of wrongs we’ve supposedly committed right back to 1607 Jamestown.

Traditionalists believe in making money the old-fashioned way—earning it; Revisionists are intent on asset-stripping a nation they have little regard for.

With scripts this divergent, there is no compromise. One must prevail.

In chapter 10 (the one I know well) on page 173 you write, "We have uncovered a disturbing and potentially criminal connection between Silicon Valley venture capitalists and the Democratic Party leadership. The revealing of even the broadest outlines of this [green energy] connection could prompt investigations into several high-level Administration officials." Is this connected to the recent devastating BP oil spill?

What are the odds of the biggest oil derrick explosion in history happening two days before Obama was to decide on extending offshore drilling licenses? One in a thousand? It’s just too coincidental to be believable. But no matter what or who caused the BP disaster, Obama did not act to contain the damage—exactly what his environmental friends wanted. That was criminal.

As for the criminal connection we wrote about, it involves the fraud and racketeering charges that will be leveled if Team Obama gives big government contracts to green companies that helped elect him. That remains to be seen.

You write that Obama is employing a sugar/sugar/shaft strategy; what is that?

Obama’s decision to spend a staggering sum—$1.7 trillion—in his first few months was entirely unprecedented. Not even Roosevelt, who faced a worse economy, tried anything so radical. So it was unprecedented, but Obama knew exactly what he was doing. Most of the cash went to his Killionaire pals who will fund his reelection—they got the sugar. Some of the cash went to the downtrodden who will give him votes in his reelection—they got the sugar. Not a billion found its way to the small business entrepreneurs who create most of the jobs—they got the shaft.

So sugar for the very rich, sugar for the lazy and poor, the shaft for entrepreneurs—it’s the Obama stay elected strategy.

In the second half of the book that’s devoted to “freeing wealth” you give investors what you call a “Personal Clawback Strategy”—can you briefly explain?

It has come to this: investors need a way to take their wealth away from Obama before Obama takes it away from them! There are legal strategies for doing this. We’ve laid them out in simple A-B-C format. This is probably the most valuable intel in the book!

To learn more about Floyd Brown, Lee Troxler, the book, and the Freeing Wealth Fellowship visit World Net Daily.

Originally published in Blogcrtics Magazine: Interview With Lee Troxler, Co-Author of Killing Wealth, Freeing Wealth
Author: Christine Lakatos — Published: May 21, 2010 at 6:15 am

Floyd Brown and Lee Troxler on G. Gordon Liddy, May 17, 2010.

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Lee Troxler, author of Killing Wealth, Freeing Wealth how the economy was intentionally trashed, and how you can protect yourself. Open calls on the election, too.

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